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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Worry is friend

Reiki practices as Sensei Usui legacy, teach us about not to worry about anything. It is written in his epitaph as his main teaching. Nowadays, we acknowledge this teaching in his 5 admonitions. Following this teaching is not an easy task, in fact it is a lifetime struggle just to have a little time rest from worrisomeness. I bet you understand what i meant. Worry occur anytime, anyplace and anywhere. Every time we get rid of it, it comes back ten times stronger than before.

Is it possible to overcome worry, once and forever?
Is there any tricks or techniques that can save us from the torture?
Why my Reiki practices can not save me from worrying my future?

Our life full of things that can make us to worry about, maybe about the traffic jam, the boss, our food, our future relationship with spouse, our children prosperity and health, you name it, it can be thousand little things that need to be worried about.

If we succumb to such feeling that would not be advantageous for us, it drains our power and left us with nothing but fear of life. Therefore, many spiritual teachers and motivators teach about overcoming worry and fear as it first main concern before we can achieve anything great in our life.

However, teaching is teaching, it direct us to where we should go, but not take us there. It is "us" who should move our legs, mind and effort to go there. Our teachers can't do it for us, not even our God (Whoever you may called it).

The bitter part of this life struggle against worry and fear within us is, it can't disappear and comes back with ten times stronger than before or manifest to other things to be worried about.

The good news is, your effort would be paid off. Maybe you feel in the beginning overrun, frustrated and feel to just give up to worry, but i assure you that suffering is needed for you to win. Every time you takes courage against worry and fear within you, your will strengthened. When you strong enough, the last battle will come and give you a revelation that you will never forget for the rest of your life, and your war is over with you as the winner.

To save time for you, consider this as affirmation to your understanding...

you will find that:

Worry is unbeatable, invincible, its worthless to fight against it because,

Worry is in fact your other self, your subconscious, your self telling you about that something wrong is happening and need to have an immediate changing. The changing would be way of thinking, way of life, anything.. your worry will telling you

It is a guidance system, place by our creator to ensure us to walk along the law of nature, to guide us to happiness and abundance.

Therefore, it is our friend. Accept it with open hand, love and friendship, listen to what it tell you, appreciate it with honesty and integrity. Approach with no tricks or techniques.

If you understand what i said, then you have already won your battle,