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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Hui Yin, The root chakra

Have you ever wonder, where are the chakras lies in our bodies. Is it real or it just metaphor?

Well, if you have such questions, i may help you to save your time a little bit. The chakras do have its physical organ, which we called it glands, except for crown chakra and the root chakra. From the ajna chakra till the svadisthana cakra(sex chakra)  they all have its physical glands. That's why when activated, we can feel certain feeling, bliss, good feeling, etc.

But, the crown chakra doesn't represented by a gland, it is however the representation of our cortex brain full activation. Not suprisingly that the holy men of  the past.

Now, what about the root chakra. 

The root chakra, called in sanskrit as mooladhara chakra, the beginning. Some say that it is located in front of our tail bone. The accupuncturist called it is the Hui Yin spot.

I do not know exactly what it represented in physical organ, i guess it is a group of nerve which transport the energy from bowel to our nerve system in our backbone.

If you focus your attention to this spot with the intention of reiki flowing through this spot, you will feel a kundalini like feeling....