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Bagian ketiga Reiki Hikkei

Disorders of the Respiratory system

Bronchitis - Bronchial tubes, windpipe

Coughing - Throat, chest area, affected areas

Asthma - General head area, chest area, point below base of sternum, heart, throat,nose

Tuberculosis of the lungs - General head area, affected area of lungs, stomach
and intestines, heart, seika tanden

Pleurisy - General head area, affected area, stomach and intestines, seika tanden

Pneumonia - General head area, heart, affected area, seika tanden

Bronchial Haemorrhage / Hemoptysis - Affected lung area

Nose Bleed - Nose

Ozena (wasting of the bony ridges & mucous membranes in nose) - Nose,
centre of forehead or middle of upper lip